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Special Education Referral

Please follow these instructions if you are considering referring a student for special education and/or related services. (Click on image)

  1. If you have academic concerns and anticipate eligibility for an IEP, please follow the instructions in the Special Education Referral Procedures. After completing the steps outlined in this form, you will submit the Referral for Special Education Form (selecting the one associated with the student’s school) and supporting documentation. This evaluation would not guarantee eligibility.
  1. If you have concerns related to Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Occupational Therapy, please submit the Referral for Related Services Form. Upon receipt of this referral, the clinician may choose to screen the student prior to determining if a full evaluation is needed. This evaluation would not guarantee eligibility. Click here for OT referral considerations.
  1. Please remember that in order for a child to be eligible for an IEP, there must be a disability that is resulting in an academic impact that cannot be remediated with the general curriculum alone. Occupational and physical therapy services cannot be the only discipline involved in order to qualify for for an IEP. There must be an academic, speech, or other qualifying disability present in order to receive OT or PT services.