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Art Renaissance Period Flashcards
Renaissance Period Sporcle
Baroque Period Flashcards
Baroque Period Sporcle
World Artists Sporcle
American Artists and Sculptors Sporcle


Composers – Sporcle
Trivia Plaza Classical Music Quizzes

World Composers Sporcle


NAQT Lit Review
Important Characters
American Authors
Literature Terms
Words About Words
Pen Names & Pseudonyms
Famous First Lines

Gothic Novels Sporcle
100 Authors Sporcle
Books & Authors Matching Sporcle
Trivia Plaza Literature Quizzes


Science Vocabulary
Chemical Symbols 

Chemical Symbols Sporcle 1 
Chemical Symbols Sporcle 2 
Chemical Symbols Sporcle 3 
Chemical Symbols Sporcle 4 
Chemical Symbols Sporcle 5 
Chemistry Vocabulary
Biology Vocabulary
Biology Classification Sporcle
Biology Classes and Orders Sporcle
Scientific Laws
SI Units
Famous Scientists
Metric Prefixes
Measuring Tools and Scales Sporcle
Layers of the Atmosphere Quiz
Weather Terms
Body Systems Sporcle


Former Place Names
World Rivers Quiz
World Seas Quiz

Mountain Ranges Quiz
Mountain Peaks Quiz

Volcanoes Quiz
Deserts  Quiz
North & South America 

South American Capitals
South & Central America Flashcards
South America Rivers and Lakes
South America Facts Flashcards 
*South America Quizizz

Africa Flash Cards
*Africa Quizizz
African Capitals Sporcle
*European Capitals Quizizz 
European Capitals Flashcards

History &
Trump Cabinet
Functions of the Cabinet
Civil War
World War I
World War II
Vietnam War

Math Metric Prefixes
Mythology Greek vs. Roman Names
Gods and Their Domains
Minor Greek Gods & Goddesses
Mythological Monsters
Mythological Places Sporcle
Muses, Graces & Fates
Mythological Sites
Greek Mythology Flashcards
Norse Mythology
Egyptian Mythology
Potpourri Cooking Terms A-G Sporcle
Cooking Terms H-Z Sporcle
Industrial Arts Vocabulary Sporcle
Latin Words and Phrases Sporcle