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Speech and Drama

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Drama Club Officers 2020-2021

President – Jerricka Funk

Vice- President – Trevor Heath

Assistant Director – Kassidi Gregg

Secretary – Kaylee White

Treasurer – Laci Watts

    Art Director – Terrin Justus

        Music Director – Tyler Sweeden

         Publicity Manager – Taylor Abbott

          Choreographer – Nyli Brown




The Wizard of Oz is back!!!

May 3rd and 4th at 7:oo pm in the Auditorium

Advance tickets are being sold now, so please contact Ms. Turner:  

  • Email:
  • Text 845-492-1727
  • Include your name and number of tickets needed, and please specify adult, student or senior citizen.

Ticket price:

Adults $3.00

Students and Senior Citizens $ 2.00

                                                              Drama Club MembersMS DramaDrama HS 1

Student's Name Grade Student's Name Grade
Adaline Sweeden 8 Laci Watts 9
Alex Leatherman 8 Leia Norton 9
Audrey Heath 9 Lexi Dorman 8
Aundrea Green 6 Lexy Humphrey 7
Aydn Green 6 Lilly Norman 10
Bailey Hobbs 7 Mathew Aucoin 12
Bailie Heston 6 Myka Brady 10
Barrett Burch 3 Mylee Moore 7
Caden Moore 11 Nyli Brown 8
Carson Green 8 Paetyn Taylor 6
Caylie Smith 6 Peyton Conrad 7
Cheyenne Gervais 10 Pippir Gaebler 2
Chris Merino 6 Piper Jay 6
Cody Ryans 8 Ryleah Pratt 8
Collier Ladwig 11 Sam Payne 12
Cord Jones 7 Kennedy Ross 8
Dalton Melton 10 Stoney Gaebler Pre-K
Emma Gunn 9 Summer Melton 7
Jacob Caveness 10 Taylor Abbott 10
Jayden Abbott 12 Taylor Phariss 8
Jerricka Funk 12 Terrin Justus 12
Juddson Jones 6 Trevor Heath 12
Kade Worden 12 Trinity Vaught 9
Kadence Elam 8 Tyler Sweeden 11
Kassidi Gregg 12 Zach Harper 12
Kaylee White 11 Zane Harper 12
Kensley Jones 6    
Carly Melton 7    
Kitty Matticks 9    
Kris Stonebreaker 10    
Kylee Heston 7    


                                             Competitive Speech TeamHSCSMSCS

Name Level Name Level
Abbott, Taylor 3A Melton, Carly Novice
Aucoin, Matthew 3A Conrad, Peyton Novice
Gervais, Cheyenne 3A Ross, Kennedy Novice
Heath, Audrey 3A Dorman, Lexi Novice
Heath, Trevor 3A Elam, Kadence Novice
Ladwig, Collier 3A   Novice
Norman, Lilly 3A Green, Aundrea Novice
Norton, Leia 3A Green, Ayden Novice
Stonebreaker, Kris 3A Gunn, Emma Novice
Sweeden, Tyler 3A Heston, Bailie Novice
Vaught, Trinity 3A Heston, Kylee Novice
Watts, Laci 3A Hobbs, Bailey Novice
White, Kaylee 3A Humphrey, Lexy Novice
Worden, Kade 3A Jones, Juddson Novice
    Jones, Kensley Novice
    Leatherman, Alec Novice
    Melton, Summer Novice
    Merrino, Chris Novice
    Moore, Mylee Novice
    Jones, Cord Novice
    Phariss, Taylor Novice
    Piper, Jay Novice
    Pratt, Ryleah Novice
    Smith, Caylie Novice
    Sweeden, Adaline Novice
    Taylor, Paetyn Novice



Dorothy Gale--------------------------------------- Taylor Abbott

Glinda, Good Witch of the North------------------- Jerricka Funk

Aunt Em------------------------------------------- Jerricka Funk

Aunt Henrietta---------------------------------------Leia Norton

Ms. Gulch------------------------------------------- Kaylee White

Wicked Witch of West-------------------------------Kaylee White

Hunk----------------------------------------------- Trevor Heath

Scarecrow------------------------------------------ Trevor Heath

     Hickory--------------------------------------------Collier Ladwig

Tinman------------------------------------------- Collier Ladwig

Zeke----------------------------------------------- Kade Worden

Cowardly Lion--------------------------------------Kade Worden

Oz Historian/Wizard of Oz------------------------ Tyler Sweeden

Gypsie/ Wizard of Oz-------------------------------- Nyli Brown

Oz, Guardian of Gates 1--------------------------- Audrey Heath

Oz, Guardian of Gates 2 ----------------------------- Laci Watts

Mayor of Munchkins--------------------------- Alec Leatherman

Barrister of Munchkins----------------------------- Leia Norton

Munchkin Father 1 ------------------------------- Ayden Green

Munchkin Father 2 ------------------------------ Carson Green

Munchkin Coroner --------------------------------- Emma Gunn

King of the Winged Monkeys 1--------------------- Emma Gunn

King of the Winged Monkeys 2--------------------- Ryleah Pratt

Face of the Wizard of Oz----------------------------------Barrett Burch

Voice of the Wizard of Oz----------------------------------Trevor Heath

Toto----------------------------------------------------Ms. Jeanean’s Dog


Munchkins Lullaby League

Kadence Elam

Taylor Phariss

Paetyn Taylor

Laci Watts


Munchkins Lollipop Guild

Audrey Heath

                                                                                                             Trinity Vaught                                                                                                             

Lilly Norman

Ryleah Pratt


Four Ozites

Terrin Justus 

Trinity Vaught

Taylor Phariss

Leia Norton 



Matthew Aucoin

Zane Harper

Jacob Caveness


Winged Monkeys

Jayden Abbott

Cord Jones

Juddson Jones

 Lilly Norman 

Caden Moore


Winkies- Witch’s Soldiers

Matthew Aucoin

Zach Harper

Zane Harper

Alec Leatherman

Chris Merino

Caden Moore



Peyton Conrad

Pippir Gaebler

Cheyenne Gervais

Aundrea Green

Balie Heston

Kylee Heston

Bailey Hobbs

Lexy Humphrey

Kensley Jones

Caylie Smith



Lexi Dorman

Piper Jay

Cheyenne Gervais

Carly Melton

Summer Melton

Mylee Moore

Kennedy Ross


Assistant Director- Kassidi Gregg



Stage Manager - Sam Payne

Light Manager - Cody Ryans

Scenery Design Manager- Terrin Justus

Sound Manager - Dalton Melton

    Stage Crew Manager - Adaline Sweeden




Dorothy Gale------------------------------------------ Laci Watts

Glinda, Good Witch of the North------------------- Audrey Heath

Ms. Gulch--------------------------------------------- Nyli Brown

Wicked Witch of West---------------------------------Nyli Brown

Aunt Em------------------------------------------- Taylor Phariss

Uncle Henry------------------------------------- Jacob Caveness

Hunk----------------------------------------------- Tyler Sweeden

Scarecrow----------------------------------------- Tyler Sweeden

Honey------------------------------------------------Leia Norton

Tinman------------------------------------------------Leia Norton

Zeke-------------------------------------------- Kris Stonebreaker

Cowardly Lion-----------------------------------Kris Stonebreaker

Oz Historian-------------------------------------Alec Leatherman

Munchkin Coroner ---------------------------------- Ryleah Pratt

The Wizard of Oz-------------------------------------Emma Gunn

Professor/Gypsie------------------------------------ Emma Gunn


Competitive Speechhs back of TshirtsContest shot

Interested in Competitive Speech?   


Grades 6-12

The Competitive Speech and Drama Club competes every year in district, regional and state tournaments in the following areas:



1. Original Oratory

2. Standard Oratory

3. Prose

4. Dramatic or Humorous Interpretation

5. Foreign or Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

6. Monologue

7. Poetry 

8. Humorous or Dramatic Duet


We are always recruiting members for the team.

Please see Ms. Turner in room 1 in the high school to sign up. Jerricka ContestTrevor


Competitive Speech Manual