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Programming Options



 Enrichment in the Regular Classroom
     Classroom enrichment includes experiences provided in the regular classrooms that are supplemental to the established curriculum and which are purposefully planned with the needs, interests and capabilities of particular students in mind. Appropriate enrichment experiences are not a repetition of material.
Resource Room
     Resource room is a class for students released from their regular classroom on a scheduled basis to work with a GT instructor. Elementary and Middle school and elementary students will meet once each week at a designated time.

     Participation in resource room is voluntary, but many of the field trips and contests we will attend will have required activities which will be presented during resource room.

Creative/Academic Competitions
     Organized opportunities for students to enter local, regional, state or national contests in a variety of areas. Possible activites include:



Scholastic Writing Competitions

Online competitions


Middle School

-Math Competitions
-Engineering Fair
-Academic Competition online
-Creative Writing Competitions 



 High School

-Academic Bowl Competitions
-Math Competitions
-Engineering Fair
-Scholastic Meets
-Creative Writing Competitions
-Art Contests

Proficiency Based Promotion
     Elementary or secondary students advancing one or more levels in a curriculum area by demonstrating proficiency at the 90 percentile level on designated assessments.
Local testing is conducted each August and May. 

Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP)

                                                   What is a Talent Search?

Duke TIP offers a 4th/5th Grade Talent Search and a 7th Grade Talent search. These talent searches help gifted students and their families find out how advanced the students' abilities truly are. Traditional testing often fails to measure the variation among many gifted students who reach the upper limits of scoring on grade-level exams. By taking advanced above-level (at least two years above a student's current grade placement) testing through Duke TIP's talent searches, gifted students and their families gain a far better understanding of where the student stands in relation to his/her gifted peers and what level of educational challenge is appropriate.

Eligible students must have scored at the 90th percentile or above on a grade level standardized achievement, aptitude, or mental ability test or approved state criterion referenced test.

Other Programming Options
  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Seminars & Summer Programs
  • Guidance and Counseling