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INDIAN Mission Statement

The mission of Rush Springs Schools is to inspire and empower all students to achieve life-long success through a united community.

Vision Statement

 Rush Springs Public Schools is committed to delivering the highest quality of educational services.  Believing schools, parents, students, and members of the community control the conditions of success, it is our charge to enable all students to learn and succeed now and in the future.

Homeless Liaison:

Carl Gaebler

(580) 476-3596

Foster Care Contact:

Corey Blough

(580) 476-3447



                    High School        (580) 476-3596 ext 204                     

Middle School     (580) 476-3447 ext. 205

Elementary         (580) 476-3172 ext. 210

Superintendent  (580) 476-3929 ext. 203  


Rush Springs Public Schools

601 W. Blakely

Rush Springs, OK 73082

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Contact Information

Rush Springs Public Schools
601 W. Blakely
P.O. Box 308
Rush Springs, Oklahoma 73082
Phone: 580-476-3172
Fax: 580-476-2018